No need for travel

Tele-psychology allows for services to be provided from the comfort of your own home, or any location you choose. No need to travel to an office.  that

Easier scheduling

Because services will be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, there is no need to add additional time for appointments! No travel or traffic time needed! 

Services provided in the real environment

Behavior changes when we leave our actual environment. Receiving services in your real environment allows for a better understanding of the dynamics that are impacting you as well as an easier transition to making changes in that environment. Receive services where they are actually needed!

Ongoing support to assist you when you need it- between sessions!

Tele-psychology allows us to use texting, audio and video messaging to communicate between sessions, when problems actually arise. You are able to receive daily support and feedback when you need it! 

Parenting Coordination provided completely online

High conflict families seeking parenting coordination services do not have to ever sit in the same room for meetings! Avoid the tension and stress by meeting from a comfortable setting of your choice!