Brain Based Relationships


The core foundation of Dr. Ulrich's approach lies in the knowledge of brain development, child development, and brain functioning.  An understanding of what elements are crucial for healthy brain and child development, as well as an understanding of how the brain and body respond to stress and trauma,  provides a basis for understanding a wide range of emotional and behavioral difficulties in children, adolescents, and adults. It also serves to inform an adaptive, healthy approach to parenting that can help to avoid problematic functioning and raise children who have the necessary skills to successfully navigate the world we live in. 

By understanding what environmental elements are critical for healthy development, as well as an understanding of the role of genetics in development, Dr. Ulrich is able to provide a holistic conceptualization of a child, adult, couple or family's functioning to inform direct treatment and/or coaching approaches. 

In addition, a foundational understanding of how the environment and relationships triggers our arousal system, our brain, and our behavior, informs her moment to moment interactions with clients, and provides a model for increased effectiveness in communication. 

It is through understanding and education, attuned relationships, and the nuisances of communication that healthy development flourishes and children are supported in their optimal growth. It is through our everyday relationships that growth and change occur, and Dr. Ulrich focuses on these relationships and individual skill development to help clients make lasting change in their lives. Dr. Ulrich focuses on building the skills of individuals, couples and families to manage their current life difficulties as well as future stressors that may arise.


Dr. Ulrich is not the crucial element in treatment. It is you, your parents, your partners, your friends- your relationships that help make change possible. Dr. Ulrich is the guide, the educator, the safe space, the facilitator- a piece of the support system.

Dr. Ulrich's approach can be used to understand a wide of variety of questions and concerns. 

Have you ever wondered:

Why does my child behave out of control or in other negative ways, and how do I best help him/her?

How do I raise my child to handle their emotions and behaviors appropriately?

Why do my relationships always have the same dynamics and communication patterns?

Why do I have trouble controlling my thoughts and emotions when I am stressed?

Why do others act in irrational, aggressive, or negative ways?

What impact does poverty, stress, or trauma have on people?

Why do children have so much trouble with behavior and emotion in school?

Do you need to know:

How do I best help people (adults and children) when they are under stress, or are acting out of control or irrational?

How do I interact with people to minimize any negativity or escalation?

How do I best manage my own emotions, thoughts, and behavior?

How do I improve my relationships and my communication skills?

Dr. Ulrich can help you find the understanding and knowledge you are looking for in your parenting journey raising happy, healthy children while also gaining self-understanding and parenting confidence!