Heather Ulrich, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Parent Coach

Heather Ulrich, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Parent Coach

Heather Ulrich, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Parent Coach Heather Ulrich, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Parent Coach

Specializing in providing parenting support & coaching and parenting coordination services for high conflict families. 

A new way to access support for yourself and your family

Individual, couples, family and child treatment provided from the comfort of your own home without the need for travel or traffic! Parenting coordination services for high conflict and court ordered families that does not require parents to be in the same room! Dr. Ulrich utilizes the latest technology to provide psychological services and parent coaching remotely- all you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer!


  • Individual, couples and family counseling provided in the comfort of your own home- or multiple locations! 

  • Parent coaching and support provided online via video conferencing and telephone, email and text communication.  

  • Parenting focused work including parenting coordination, high conflict co parenting mediation, parenting education and training

  • Adoption and foster care support, treatment and psychoeducation. 

Who is Dr. Ulrich?

Education and Training

Dr. Ulrich is a mother of two daughters and a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of North Carolina and Delaware. She earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Montana. 

Dr. Ulrich has worked with individuals, couples, and families for over 15 years in a variety of settings including schools, community mental health centers, and private practice. Seeing the need for an easier way to access high quality services, Dr. Ulrich began to focus on providing remote, in home support to individuals and families of all ages as a way to break down those barriers and reach anyone who may need support and guidance.  

Dr. Ulrich specializes as a child psychologist and she has extensive training in the areas of  infant mental health, developmental trauma, attachment based disturbances, relational neurobiology, brain development, child development,  and parent child relationships. 

Based on her extensive training and professional experience, in addition to her real life experience as a mother, Dr. Ulrich provides down to earth, practical parent support and coaching to help parents understand their children, develop strong healthy parent child relationships, and raise children who have the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational skills to be successful, happy adults. 

Therapeutic Approach and Philosophy

Dr. Ulrich utilizes the latest knowledge and research in the areas of neuroscience, relational neurobiology, trauma, and stress to inform her relationship based approach. The core belief of her approach is that problematic behavior or functioning is developed in the context of relationships and it is through relationships that we grow and develop healthy, adaptive ways of functioning. 

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